Tax Assessment / Tax Notice Review (EN/DE)

CHF 320.00

Review of your final or provisional Swiss tax assessment and if required filing an appeal for an additional charge of CHF 500,-.

(Total cost of tax assessment review including filing an appeal CHF 820.-)

You’ll receive a separat invoice for the appeal.


Did you receive your provisional or final Swiss tax assessment or tax notice and it differs from your filed tax return or the provisional tax assessment is not taking any changes in your income into account?

Acting fast is advised as the deadline for filling an appeal to the final tax assessment usually ends 30 days after reception of the tax assessment. After we receive your Swiss tax assessment or tax notice, we’ll compare it with the filed tax return and advise you on the likeliness of the acception of an appeal and, if required, file an appeal for you.

After the purchase, you’ll receive an e-mail with the next steps and indication which documentation you should provide in order to act as quick as possible.