Start Up Consulting (EN/DE) (Price Per Hour)

CHF 250.00

Meeting for Start up consulting in order to reach your goals as efficient as possible. We can assist you creating a business plan, choosing the legal structure, assist you in setting up processes, assisting you setting up a cost efficient payout structure and more.



You have a particular skill or talent and want to start your own business? We can help you set up your business by covering the compliance side and more for you.

Where we can assist you:
– Business Plans
– Choosing the legal structure and the location
– Assist you in setting up processes
– Assist you in setting up a cost efficient payout structure
– and more…

Let us know and we’ll gladly arrange a meeting to discuss your situation and what we can do for you.

We also provide you with services after successfully setting up your business. Check our Business services page for more information.

After the purchase, you’ll receive an e-mail with the next steps and indication which documentation you should provide in order to start the process.