Financial Planning (EN/DE) (Price Per Hour)

CHF 250.00

Meeting for Financial planning in order to reach your personal goals. We take a holistic view on your finances which means we take your income, insurances, taxes, expenses and your personal situation into account and provide you with forecasts for different scenarios depending on your needs.



Do you plan to invest a considerable amount of money, do you just want to increase your personal savings quote or do you want to analyze your financial situation in general and are looking for someone with experience to help you reach your financial goals?

Having a holistic view on your personal finances helps you detect opportunities and chances to strengthen your financial situation. With us you’ll be able to improve your financial situation from different angles – from insurances, taxes, income and expenses and more. We also provide you with tax forecasting if you plan to move to a different canton.

After the purchase, you’ll receive an e-mail with the next steps of the process and an invitation including 3 possible dates for conducting a brief meeting about your current financial situation. Currently, we only do Online Meetings (Teams, Hangout, Skype, Zoom, phone call). In-Person meetings will be available at a later stage. You might indicate your preferred dates during your purchase.