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Swiss Tax Packages

Exiu offers you well-rounded Swiss Tax Service Packages. Due to the nature of Swiss tax compliance, the process from data gathering to receiving the final Swiss tax assessment from the Tax authorities, might take some time. We offer you a complete service from start to finish. You choose what you need and we’ll get it done.

Individual Services

Further below, you’ll be able to choose individual services for your needs or go directly to our Shop to start the process. In case of any questions check out our FAQ or contact us.

The Perfect Solution For You

CHF 590.-


  • Deadline Extensions
  • Individual Access To Our Tax Cloud
  • Swiss Tax Return / Swiss Tax Declaration Preparation

CHF 1'180.-


  • Basic Tax Package
  • Additionally:
  • 60 Min. Swiss Tax Consultation Pre- or Post Preparation
  • Swiss Tax Assessment Check
  • (Swiss Tax Representatives / Power of Attorney for additional fee of CHF 720.-)

CHF 2'290.-


  • Standard Tax Package
  • Additionally:
  • Swiss Tax Representatives / Power of Attorney
  • Tax Correspondence With Swiss Tax Authorities On Your Behalf Including Translation
  • Appeal In Case Of Incorrect Swiss Tax Assessments

Explore Our Individual Services

Do you have specific questions about your Swiss taxes? Have you just moved to Switzerland and found yourself wondering about the tax system, your filing obligation, optimization potential, etc.?

Let’s meet or talk over the phone! We can answer your questions and explain how Swiss taxes work.

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We review your Swiss tax documentation and your prepared Swiss tax return and provide you with a detailed report. We let you know whether your Swiss tax return has been prepared with your best interest in mind.

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Did you contribute into the Swiss pension fund system and are
about to leave Switzerland? Or do you want to start your own
Business and want to claim your pension fund assets to finance your Business?

We can help you to decide how to efficiently allocate your
pension fund benefits or work out a plan to withdraw them in a tax optimized environment.

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Are you planning to move abroad or into Switzerland? Do you have properties or other investments in Switzerland but live abroad?

We will review your tax residence status based on national and
applicable international tax legislation and provide you with a tax
report that indicates your potential filing obligation in Switzerland.

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Do you plan on starting a Business and need assistance to successfully get it started?

With our experience we’ll be able to help you at any point during the life cycle of your Business.

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Do you plan on retiring soon and would like to understand the
financial impact? We will support you in preparing for your
retirement by reviewing your benefits plan, forecasting your
retirement benefits and exploring options to increase your
retirement benefits and lower your taxes at the same time.

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We review, and support you in responding to, any Swiss tax notice and Swiss tax assessments you receive from the Swiss tax authorities in cases in which we have not prepared your Swiss tax return. We also assist you in appealing your Swiss tax assessment.

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We support you with your obligations as a Swiss tax non-resident and help you to file an annual tax return to avoid a potential double taxation between Switzerland and your resident country, taking into consideration any bilateral tax agreements.

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When you leave Switzerland without intention to return, you don’t
want to leave behind your accrued social security benefits in

We analyze if you are entitled to claim back your social security contributions and guide you through the refund process.

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Did you forget to declare income or assets in your previous Swiss tax declaration? It happens! We will guide you through the voluntary Swiss tax disclosure process and make sure that penalties remain as low as possible.

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In case of undistributed inheritance, sale of your property in
Switzerland, receiving benefits from your pension fund and other
reasons, a tax disclosure might be due. If you are unsure whether or not you need to disclose something and how to do it contact us.

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We help you optimize your finances and provide you with valuable input on how to lower your expenses. We can: create a budget for your finances to increase your savings, help you select the right insurance and mortgage providers, and prepare a long-term savings plan, including opportunities to save on taxes.

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